#Diverseathon LGBT Book Recommendations!

Hey guys,

So as part of my learning curve for diverseathon I am considering some of my favourite diverse reads of the year and unfortunately it is harder than it sounds. I have so far done a POC point of view recommends, which you can check out here! Now LGBTQIAA+ is a topic quite close to my heart and I strive to read as much around this as possible. However, as someone who can hardly make it a chapter through contemporary reads and can only seem to really enjoy books with fantasy at the core; the list of available books is shockingly limited.

I need more LGBT fantasy!

With the major representation of LGBT being in the contemporary genres, I have found three books/ series that have either have LGBT main characters, or most likely a predominant secondary character that is openly LGBT. I found this saddening, that only one of my recommendations has an LGBT main character but I cannot recommend a book that I haven’t read. So, I would like to hear your LGBT recommendations that are fantasy or paranormal based; leave them in the comments below!

The Mortal Instruments // Cassandra Clare

mortal instruments.pngGuys I think majority of people know of the gay characters in this series, however to save any spoilers for my non-shadowhunter readers I wont name them. Let me just say this, there is a lot of LGBT problems address for this character; from negative responses to hostility, with majority of characters being extremely accepting but some are rather harsh.

I loved this series, I still love this series. I know this isn’t the best description of the series because it is way too complicated and spoilery to try and describe just what happens in these glorious books. But please, if you like kickass characters, demons, angels, and frankly some great downworlder creatures, you need to check out this series.

Half-Trilogy // Sally Green

Half bad trilogy shotI can’t even.

Four month later and the emotions are still there.

Guys! Read this series. Please. We have Nathan Byrn who is half white witch and half black witch, basically he was in trouble the moment he was born because of who is daddy was. I cant really describe the LGBT elements of this because it would ruin the second book for you and honestly sometimes I hate my no spoiler policy because I just need to talk about this and the heartbreak involved.

Please. Buy this series!

The Darkest Part of the Forest // Holly Black

untitled (70)Okay, this is a great book. Deep in the forest there is a man sleeping in a glass coffin. A Fae man. A man that both the main character and her brother are madly in love with. Her brother has been playing him music and telling him all his secrets that when the Fae Prince wakes, love blossoms. I don’t think that was spoilery, because you learn pretty early on how much they were around him; either way you needed to know because it is one of the reasons I recommend this book to everyone.

I believe that this is a standalone, it has all of the feels of an entire series and the ending blew my mind. Please check this book out guys!

So there is my meagre recommendations of LGBT fantasy, I am in desperate search for more guys, please let me know your recommendations in the comments!

Helen x


2 thoughts on “#Diverseathon LGBT Book Recommendations!

  1. Hi, try this link – I love nearly every book on this list but if you haven’t read Lynn Flewelling’s Nightrunner series then that’s where to start as it’s amazing!

    Quite a few women write male gay fiction under the M/M (male/male) heading (including me!) so if you search Google for M/M fantasy or M/M paranormal you’ll also get long lists. I also have a list of my favourite fantasy, paranormal and historical M/M authors here:

    I love the Mortal Instruments series and will have to check out the other books you mention :-).

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    1. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to make some awesome recommendations! I will definitely be checking these out! I definitely need more fanfiction in general in my reading life, as it is really quite sparse at the moment! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment, it is greatly appreciated!


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