So perhaps you would like to know a little more about the person blurting random posts into this blog? Thought so… that’s why you clicked the button!

So what can I tell you? Well my name’s Helen and I’m a nerd… sounds like the start of Nerds Anonymous…

“Hi I’m Helen and I am a nerd.”

Right, well I am 22 years old and am currently completing my Integrated Masters in Forensic and Investigative Psychology (and yes you’ll get to here more about this in my posts because my mind is always wondering after my lectures!). My dream job (well at the moment at least) is to lecture psychology and conduct unique pieces of research that students will talk about for generations to come!

Okay, well that makes me sound a little selfish but who doesn’t want their names on slides being taught to future generations- perhaps a future child will be sat in class one day and can say that’s my mom right there!

Another thing you may notice, this is not my only blog… I have several (mainly because I am indecisive and my hobbies don’t really overlap!). Obviously I have this blog, however I also have a purely psychology based blog that I co-run with my best friend! Check it out if your interested, a little self-promotion never hurt anyone!

Something you may or may not be interested in is that I’m a vegan! Yeah, some people find it an impossible lifestyle, personally I find it one of the easiest things in the world. Now I’m not going to ram veganism down your throats, in fact this might be the only mention of it in my entire blog (I have another one purely for my vegan journey but it’s kinda died recently 😦 so not point in links…). But yet again, if it is something that gets a bit of interest down in the comments here I can work a few posts in!

So hi! You know a bit about me now, I’d love to get to know some of you. So do me a favour huh? Drop me a comment below telling me something interesting about you, something you would love to see on here and where (country-wise… internet safety guys!) your from. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Helen x