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Hello 2019

Hey all,

So, I have been gone a while again and really I have so many excuses I could give you but I really don’t think any of them really justify me abandoning you. But I am back and this time I am going to try and be more consistent.

A new year is here and that means it is goal setting time and time to evaluate the last 12 months.

2018 was a pretty crappy year for me.

I have been attempting to get on the property ladder for a while now and every time I get close I have been knocked back. But, finally we are almost there and I can feel myself calming down again. A process that usually takes a month or two, has take me over 6 months thanks to solicitors messing me around and complications.

On the reading front, the start and middle of 2018 were amazing; I got so many great books read and I was giving out 5 star reads left, right, and centre. But once we got in to September, I just hit a reading wall and none of the reading got done. Unfortunately, and I am genuinely upset about this and it is one of the reasons I have disappeared this time; I hit the reading slump of my life and I haven’t completed a book in 4 months. In fact, I don’t think I have read more than 10 pages at a time in the last 4 months.

On the writing front, all of 2018 sucked. I didn’t get any of the things I wanted to, done. I had two big projects set for the year and both are pretty much in the same place I started the year at; my middle-grade novel is still very much in the planning stage and my non-fiction barely exists. I have set these as my writing goals for the last few years and they just aren’t working for me. Well I guess, I am not working for them.

But we are in 2019 now and it is time to set some goals.

  1. I want to draft a novel across the whole year; I currently have 3 project ideas that I  want to play with and I am giving myself the first quarter of the year to plan it out and then the final three-quarters of the year to actually write it. (Yes, this is the same resolution/ aim I set every year but honestly I need to push myself to get it done)
  2. I want to write at least one poem a month; in 2017 I wrote a few poems and I found myself in such a good place after I do. I didn’t even try and write any in 2018 and I miss it so much.
  3. I want to read 50 books; that is half the amount I have set myself for the last 5 years. Yes I want to read fewer books, but I want to read more consistently and more adult fantasy. When looking back over 2018 I have read a lot of shorter, YA fiction; and I think that this is because they are quick reads and I am constantly thinking about reaching my reading aim. But I am going to discuss this more in another post.
  4. I want to post on here every month; I know this should be weekly posts or even daily posts. But every time I set myself a higher aim I always fail and I haven’t consistently posted since 2016 when I didn’t set myself any goals. My only aim is to be on here at least once a month for the year.

What are your goals for the year? I have kept it really simple this year and that is because my life is currently feeling extremely complicated and I don’t want to feel that writing and being creative is a chore. I want this to be my safe place to go.

I hope you all achieve all of your goals for the year. I hope your days are fulfilling and productive. I hope your smile doesn’t fade and that your tears are that of joy. I hope this year keeps you happy and that the words flow from you.

Happy new year all.

Helen x

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