I am hoping you are here because one of my posts have caught your eye! Are you an aspiring (or established) author? Do you have a burning passion for getting words written? Or are you a reading dragon, searching for something else to read?

Really, you could be all these things and this is the blog for you!

In the folds of this blog you will find plethora of advice articles, how-to’s, challenges, inspiration, reviews, and examples of my work. I like to have a good mix of advice and creativity, because at the end of the day we all like different aspects. Have a look around and see what you find yourself hooked to?

I post at least once a week, however it is usually three posts a week; something creative, some advice, and something to inspire your own writing.

Although I read a lot, review posts are not a scheduled aspect as I like to wait until I have something substantial to discuss, rather than producing mediocre reviews. I prefer quality over quantity. However, if you have a book you would like me to review get in touch in the comments or via email (helen22.hm@gmail.com) and we can discuss it.

Don’t forget to get in touch on twitter (@marsh_hm)!

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