So what is this blog about? Writing? Reading? Anything else? I haven’t got a clue frankly, it will be whatever my mind decides it wants to be that day. The focus will be on my reading and writing, TBR lists, reviews, read-a-thons, snippits of my writing, and my NaNoWriMo journey each year.

This is where my mind comes to mould its random thoughts and characters, its where I unleash the great beasts growling in the back of my mind, and where the love stories that flourish crawl onto the page.

Be warned when it comes to my writing, I have little to no plan as to where I will go; there may be cute stories of children blossoming to adulthood, and the next post may be a short horror piece.

You. Will. Never. Know.

But what I can promise is that if the need arises, there will be labels (sex, violence, certain crimes… you get the idea) so you wont be hit by too many surprises (well, the bad surprises- there will be nice surprises!). As a psychologist I fully understand the effects of triggers and respects the individual differences in readers.

You like something I write? Please don’t abuse my work and copy it, instead drop me a comment and I can work it into a longer piece, a better piece.

Don’t forget to get in touch on twitter (@marsh_hm)!

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