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Creative Corner: Manners

A short on old fashioned manners. ‘Sir, please you need to take a deep breath.’ Genuine concern leaked through his shaking voice. The lopsided shop assistant stopped short of the door, staring fearfully at the half collapsed body in his archway. The slaps of his hands on his trousers searching for his phone echoed across… Continue reading Creative Corner: Manners

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FFAW: Rooftop Rebels

Hey guys, So I have decided to start participating in the weekly flash fiction challenge known as FFAW: flash fiction for aspiring authors. Where each week they provide a prompt (usually a photograph), then using that you attempt to produce a 100-150 word flash fiction piece. This week, the photo below was provided by Grant-Sud;… Continue reading FFAW: Rooftop Rebels

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Working with your characters: Villains

Righty-ho guys, We all know the drill by now, we have a character development topic for this week and it is villains, and not just the super-villains but all kinds of villians! There are many types of villain, you develop them all a little differently just like every character! Here are a few types of villain…… Continue reading Working with your characters: Villains

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Working with your characters: Male Main Characters [3/7]

Hey guys, Welcome to the third installation of the character building mini-series, today’s focus is on the male main character. Generally main characters are built in a similar manner, however there are elements that are associated with male characters. One of the biggest clichés for the male main character, is that they are generally written… Continue reading Working with your characters: Male Main Characters [3/7]