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How to build your writer’s confidence!

Hey guys, So, writing is difficult. Anyone who has ever attempted to write anything, ever, will tell you this. Seeing your work go disliked. Seeing it ignored. Even worse, hating it yourself. All really deflate a writer’s confidence. Being creative in this world is difficult, it seems to be easy with social media and platforms like etsy.… Continue reading How to build your writer’s confidence!

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How-to Prep for writing competitions!

Hey guys, Competitions are something that most writers want to participate in at some point throughout their writing journey. However, a lot of writers are terrified of putting their writing out their, not only to be read but to be purposely judged. I, personally love writing competitions. They make me really consider my writing style,… Continue reading How-to Prep for writing competitions!

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How To Stay Productive after NaNoWriMo!

Hey guys, So National Novel Writing Month has just finished, and whether you won or lost, participants are generally well and truly burnt out by the time December comes. On top of general burn out, December is the season of holiday celebrations (November is too for those across the pond) which means that productivity is… Continue reading How To Stay Productive after NaNoWriMo!