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Review: The Crown’s Fate Duology

Hey guys,

Back with another review! So I completed The Crown’s Fate Duology by Evelyn Skye as part of the #SeriesCrackDown Read-a-thon and part of me is glad I have finally got the end of this duology out of the way.

The Crown’s Fate is a young adult fantasy set in a Russian world where magic is hidden but controlled by one master of magic, known as the Imperial Enchanter to the Tsar. This story follows Pasha and Vika, who are both competing to become the Enchanter.

Now I really enjoyed the first book, The Crown’s Game, I found it to be extremely unique. I loved the magic and the competition. I did find myself slightly bored in the middle, as the competition lulled and it seemed to slow. But overall I loved the characters, the plot line was developed well, and overall it kept me hooked.

I loved that you get points of view from both Vika and Pasha, that the competition gets you to see all different parts of the city and surrounding areas. You get the royal intrigue and the political game. The first book was a shooting star and I loved it.

Now the ending of the first book, I felt, was quite final. I thought it ended well and I knew there was going to be a sequel but I thought maybe it would be the adventures of the one who became the Imperial Enchanter. But I feel that it tended to back peddle a bit and then play out the end of the first book all over again.

There were a few things I did enjoy about the third book, so it wasn’t a complete waste. But I cant really explain what I like because even the tiniest mention of anything really spoils everything about the end of the first book! I did end up giving this book 3 stars, I did spend some time tossing it up between 2 and 3 stars, but the few moments I enjoyed I really enjoyed and this was enough to push it up.

Something I really loved between both books in this duology, was the consistent political plot. I love reading about court intrigue, and the power struggles of those who rule countries. If you enjoy power struggles and political intrigue, you will enjoy these books.

Have you read these books? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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