What I am Watching Right Now!

Hey guys!

So this is something a little different for my blog as it is TV related rather than book related, but I am slowly getting in to screenwriting and it has made me think about what I am watching more. So randomly added in throughout the year I plan on just updating you on what I am watching and suggestions.

Now, I rarely watch TV-TV, this is because I am on my laptop all the time and I find myself being less productive if I have the TV on in the background. However, if I have something like Netflix on in the background (okay, not always in the background!) I still get stuff done.

Okay, Netflix is full to the brim with shows to watch and deciding what I want to watch is something that I really struggle with. I have completely watched one 6-part drama, and I am currently watching a few other things…

Alisa Grace is a historical drama based during the Canadian revolution, a period of time I really know nothing about. It follows a young lady called Grace who happens to be a notorious murderess. This is a 6-part drama following her retelling her story to a psychiatric doctor, starting at the beginning of her life.

alias grace

I really liked this, it kept me hooked and there are some really unexpected twists and turns. From a writer point of view, the storyline is beautifully constructed and the plot has a constant peak and flow of conflict and intensity. Even though there are 6 parts, I watched them all together and I highly recommend doing this because I needed to know what happened next.

After watching this, I learnt that it is actually based on a book; Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, and I definitely have to pick this up soon.

On a totally different note, I am watching the comedic, coming of age story; Girlboss. Which is the story of Sophia, who cant hold down a job other than wanting to sell rare vintage clothing on ebay.


I really enjoy watching this, I am only a few episodes in and honestly it makes me feel so inspired and happy. It is a light story, following friendships and parental problems. I highly recommend this.

And then, finally, I have just started The Originals a paranormal series that follow some of the original vampires and the escapades of these immortals in aworld full of witches, vampires, and werewolves.

the originals

I really enjoyed the first episode of this, I found it to have typical vampire story stereotypes but I need some of those Twilight-y feels now and then. I need those ancients that think the world owes them something, and I need the epic fights that come with fangs and a thirst for blood.

So, those are the things I am currently watching. I have varying tastes when it comes to what I like watching, and depending on what type of the day I have, depends on what I want to watch.

Thanks for checking this out! Let me know what you are currently watching on Netflix, or what you recommend to watch soon.


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