Review: The Wintersong Duology

Hey guys,

So I am back with another review, I know we have been review heavy this month and that is because I have read a lot and want to get my opinions out there because I do have some strong opinions on these.

The Wintersong Duology by S. Jae-Jones is based on a combination of Eastern European settings and Goblin Lore. It follows Liesel, a nineteen year-old girl in a struggling musical family where times are more desperate than she ever imagined. Liesel composes music, her brother plays it, except her muse is the Goblin King. However, Liesel is forced to face this when her sister is stolen by the Goblin King in an attempt to find the Goblin Queen.


Now, I loved the first book; Wintersong was one of the first books for years, which I read the entire book in one sitting. I found it fast paced, I found it energetic, and most importantly I found it familiar but unique. I loved the characters and the plot, I loved the twists and turns, and I found myself immersed in it.

I will be honest, when I read it; I read it believing (at the start and at the end of the book!) that this would be a standalone novel. I found myself happy and content with the way the book rounded off and when I found that there was a sequel, I was surprised. However, I was curious as to where the book would be heading so I had to pick it up.

I am sad to say that I was really disappointed. I read Shadowsong while on a night shift and the only reason I didn’t put it down was because I had nothing else to read. I did actually just putting it down and going the rest of the night without something to read because I was getting rather annoyed with it.


Shadowsong is a direct sequel to Wintersong and is basically what happens next. The problem is, I didn’t feel like anything actually happened that warranted another book. I felt that the characters somehow seemed to lose their unique elements, Liesel seemed flat and there were nothing that made me want to reconnect with her.

I  found it to be a hap-hazard sequel that did nothing for me. I didn’t feel like it was needed or really worth it. There was maybe one chapter that I actually enjoyed reading.

I honestly recommend only reading the first book, it is brilliant. But I don’t recommend continuing with the series- and I don’t often do that!



One thought on “Review: The Wintersong Duology

  1. Wow, that’s a fairly honest recommendation, haha! This doesn’t happen usually but yes, sometimes when the sequel seems super forced, it’s the most annoying thing that can ever happen. The Wintersong sounds interesting and I’ve heard so much about it, it’s always been sitting on my TBR but I hope to get to it soon 😀 Though, I’ll have to think about picking up Shadowsong after reading this review of yours. Glad you at least enjoyed the first book in the duology 🙂

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