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Edits 101: Hitting the rough patches

Hey guys!

So, when we talk about editing, we tend to try and paint a rose-tinted image of the process; making it seem like it flows and comes naturally to writers. It isn’t. It doesn’t. And that is okay.

As a writer, you will hit rough patches when it comes to editing your work. You will want to hurl your work in the bin and you may even (okay, more than likely) shed a tear about the work. You’ll get that frustrated that you want to abandon your work to the trash and never look at it again.

Trust me, I’ve been there too. Actually, I would be surprised if there are many authors out there who can honestly say that they have never been frustrated with their work. And those that do, probably haven’t worked out how to take off the rose-tinted glasses yet.

One of my biggest tips for getting through the editing process is to be realistic with yourself. Know when you need a break from it. Know when you need to stop for longer than an hour or so. Know that deadlines can help, but they can also make it that stressful that you don’t actually get the work done.

Oh, and one last thing, stress and frustration impacts the way we edit. It can make you miss problems that make later editing more difficult. It can also push you to make decisions that you wouldn’t have made, mainly because you just want it to be over! 

So, take some time away from your editing to relax out of the rough patches. You have got the time to. Don’t worry.


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