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Review: The Traitor’s Blade

Hey guys,

I loved this book, the first book in the Greatcoats Series by Sebastien De Castell and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series.

traitor's bladeThe Traitor’s Blade is a fun story that makes you feel like your reading about the Three Muskateer’s in a wonderful world of sword and sorcery. You are following the last leader of the Greatcoats, who happen to have been disbanded when the Duke’s killed the king. As this is the first book in a series, there are a lot storylines that are started, but you don’t feel like there isn’t a story of it’s own.

I loved the characters, they were funny and complex, and very much complete. I found myself cheering for them and crying with them. I found myself constantly wanting to know what trouble they got themselves in to next, and more importantly how they get themselves out of it. The three troublemakers that you follow are hilarious, banter and snide comments are the foundation of their friendship.

It was genuinely pleasant to read about a strained but solid friendship, you see them fighting with each other and laughing with each other; honestly it was wonderful.

I highly recommend this, its fast paced and addictive. Be warned though, you will need to know what happens next and will have to continue with the series.


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