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Review: The Lies of Locke Lamora

Hey guys,

So one of my first epic fantasy reads was the glorious Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch; the first book in the Gentleman Bastards Series. This is a high fantasy with quite a complicated plot and a whole host of wonderful characters.

lies of locke lamoraLies of Locke Lamora essentially follows two timelines, you learn how young Locke finds himself introduced to the Gentlemen Bastards and the lessons he goes through; and then you follow Locke when he is much older, leading the Gentlemen Bastards. The Gentlemen Bastards are a band of thieves; very sophisticated and complicated thieves, but thieves all the same. You are following Locke through one of his biggest heists, while also watching his involvement in the biggest fears facing his city; the horrid murders of gang leaders.

That is a terrible summary of this book.

I would keep trying and keep trying but I honestly cannot find a way of summarising the complexity of this first book without spoiling anything. Just know that it is Game of Thrones meets Six of Crows. 

I loved every element of this book, the characters are witty and complete; they are fleshed out and you get attached to them so quickly. You see them all develop between the two timelines and it is heart-warming and heart-wrenching to read.

I did listen to this on audiobook, I highly recommend this for those that are intimidated by the size of this. I found myself constantly wanting to pick it up, but always worried that I wouldn’t like it. But the audiobook is done so well, I just couldn’t stop listening.

Now, this is an extremely graphic fantasy, with some very deep and dark twists. So if you don’t like blood and gore, graphic death scenes, and reading about mutilation; then I don’t think you’d be comfortable reading this. However, the gore added I don’t believe was done for the sake of adding gore; it was done elegantly and done with class.

Guys, I highly recommend this book and I have already added the sequel Red Seas under Red Skies to my TBR and really just want to get to this. I do plan on continuing with the audiobooks, because they are fantastic.

Please pick this book up!


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