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Review: First Watch

Hey guys,

So I am back with another review, and this time I am looking at the wonderful Fifth Ward: First Watch by Dale Lucas.

first watchFirst Watch is the first book in the Fifth Ward series which follows Rem and Torval as they become unlikely partners in a fantasy police force known as the Wardmen. When people start going missing, including Torval’s previous partner and Rem’s mystery girl, the two are thrown into a mystery that keeps you turning the page.

Now this is a complete fantasy, you have a full cast of characters; humans, dwarves, elfs, and even orcs. Now they do follow the stereotypical tropes for these races, however, as the story develops you see a clear development away from this and an exploration of how these races can not only work together but abandon all of the stereotypical traits.

Okay, even though this is a fantasy and you have all these wonderful characters; the core of the story is a mystery. Who is responsible for all the disappearances? Now I  thought that this would take a back-burner and just be the catalyst for the story. But no. This was the focus and it was chilling and gripping, you needed to know what happened next and when you do get to the plot twists, they hit you. I did see one or two of the twists, but I didn’t see the main twist or majority of them if I am honest.

You do learn a lot about the city, it being split in to the five wards, each policed by it’s own set of wardmen who cannot operate outside their own wards. This could sometimes feel a little info-dumpy, but it didn’t pull you out of the story. In fact, it seemed to work you further into the story.

I read this across two sittings, and that was only because I had to get my ass to work. Yes, I even considered calling in sick so I could get to the end. This was definitely a 4 star read for me, the only reason it didn’t get a solid 5 stars was because I did predict a few of the twists and I wish I hadn’t.

I highly recommend this book, the sequel Friendly Fire is due out June 19th 2018 and I plan on pre-ordering this the moment I complete my book buying ban!

Please check this book out guys!


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