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How-To: Keep yourself motivated

Hey guys,

Whether your goal is small or large, a key part to getting it done is being motivated to do so. But motivation is not an easy thing to guarantee.

Motivation is the power over yourself to get things done.

Keeping yourself motivated is a difficult task but I have 3 top tips that I use to keep myself motivated, whether to keep myself on target for writing or tackling my giant tbr.

  1. Split up the task

When it comes to tasks like reading my giant tbr, splitting up my task is extremely important. Read one book at a time, or focus on what I can get read in a week. When it comes to working on a writing project, I split it in to some smaller tasks; planning, drafting, and editing.

This can be for any task, got a room to clean; split it in to different areas. No matter what you need to get done, it can always be split in to smaller tasks.

2. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself is an important element of motivation; for me, after reading a certain number of books, I reward myself with either a new book or some new calligraphy tools.

I love this because people don’t like to think they need rewarding, often comparing it to the golden stickers you would get in primary school. But it is the best way to get you to do things, because let’s face it we all want something in return for anything we do.

3. Make it known

Telling people about what you want to do is maybe more motivational than rewarding yourself, why? Because no-one wants to tell people they failed. So tell people, whether they are your friends and family, or complete strangers on the internet.

So, these are my tips on how to keep yourself motivated, no matter what your task.



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