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Review: Maus

Hey guys,

I have recently finished Maus: The Complete Volume by Art Speigelman, the tear-jerking graphic novel based on Art’s father’s tale of World War 2.


Maus is a unique look into the horrors of world war 2, through the start of the war and the atrocities of concentration camps. Depicting the Jews as mice and the German’s as cats, I liked this comparison, especially as they used the masks and chase as a key part throughout the book.

The horrors of the war were depicted wonderfully throughout the book. By wonderfully, I mean nightmarishly real. Some of the images that you see are really horrifying, but still the mice and cats sort of take you out of the nightmares. But in some ways, some ways you find yourself there as a mouse.

maus horrors

This made me cry. I mean I had to stop and bawl. Where I have only really read graphic novels that are full colour, but the black and white artwork of this made me think of the black and white videos of the war.

I must admit, there are a million different triggers throughout this book. Whether it is the torturous scenes of the holocaust or the struggles of the elderly. The PTSD and survivors syndrome of Art’s father. This is not a book I would recommend for people who are easily upset, but I think it is a book that you should read.

There is no way that I was going to get to the end of this book without giving it 5 stars.

It gives you a real sense of perspective and I definitely need to pick up more World War 2 based works.

Please pick it up guys!



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