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Edits 101: Reading to edit

Hey guys,

So we all know that when you read your work, you either love it or hate; let’s face it, it’s mainly hate. But being able to read your writing in order to edit is something that not everyone can do, mainly because when you see the faults you get a bit lost in it.

When I read anything, from my short stories, to the full length novels; I read it several times. Firstly, I read to find anything that really doesn’t make sense (plot holes, characters disappearing, and timescale changes) and then focus on the biggest things.

Secondly, I make changes and then read again. Firstly looking for things I have already gone over, then looking for smaller things.

I do get lost in the words sometimes, but then I stop and remind myself what I need to do. I usually go back to the start of the section set myself an aim of finding one thing that I need to alter and then I am usually back in the editing mode.

This is a long process guys, you can feel like your drowning in it but you have to be persistent.


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