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How to build a platform

Hey guys,

So we all know that one of the biggest tips for being a successful author is to build a writer’s platform. But what is a platform? How do you build a platform? Let’s discuss…

A platform is a place where you get people to know about you. A bit like this blog. Where you make the public aware of your projects, your upcoming releases and things that you will be doing. A platform is where you make people excited of the things you are writing.

But how do you build one?

Building a platform is a slow business. It’s something you start before you publish your first book and something you continue to work on while you work on every book after that.

When you google an author, for example I googled Rin Chupeco… and her platform is beautiful. Talking about the books she has published, the works she has in progress and finally getting people excited about the release of her next book. A common method of doing this is to add a countdown to the release date, with information on what the book is about and how you can pre-order it.

rin chupeco
A beautiful author platform…

You could say that my blog is an author platform, where I talk to you guys about my current works in progress and letting you see sneak peaks of my work.

The main aim of the platform is to get people to buy your works. So putting in the effort with your platform is essential if you want more people to read your work.

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