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Review: The Raven Boys

Hey guys,

I am back with another review! This time I have finally started the well-loved series The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and I have mixed opinions.

the raven boys.pngThe Raven Boys follows a girl called Blue who lives with some out of this world family in their psychic readings shop and her adventures with a group of lads she nicknamed ‘The Raven Boys’. Blue gets caught up in their adventure to find a wey-line and power associated it, a lost king, oh and she starts to fall in love at the same time. Only problem is, if she kisses the love of her life, he’ll die.

Now, this was for the most part, really enjoyable. I found the cast of characters to be mixed and generally well rounded, it is the start of a series so I expected to be left wanting on the character development front. I was left with questions about certain members of the group, I wanted to know more; but I wasn’t left wanting too much. If you only decide to read this book out of the series, you will still get a good understanding of each of the characters.

Plot-wise, I found it to be pretty slow; when you see the hype around ‘booktube’ you get this sense of an amazing adventure which starts from the first page. But this does have a bit of a build up, but once it gets going there are a lot of quick-fire plot twists and some that you honestly don’t see coming. I did wish the faster pace had started earlier, especially as I put the book down a few times at the beginning to pick things up that were a bit faster paced.

Now I have read other works by Maggie, I liked her Shiver series but I definitely found her writing to be better in this book. The words built great imagery and they really helped to pull you in. You can clearly see that she is developing as an author and I love when you notice that.

I do plan on continuing with this series, it’s not on my immediate TBR because I am currently on a book-buying ban. Many people say that when you get to the end of the first one, you need the rest straight away, but I didn’t get that feeling. Maybe the hype has left my expectations too high for this read but I left with an overall feeling of disappointment but for no other reason than I didn’t feel the immediate love that everyone else seems to get for it. A solid three star read, but nothing spectacular.

Perhaps the later books make up for the hype?



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