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52 week challenge!

Hey guys,

So as we draw to the end of the first week of 2018 I have decided to make you all aware of a personal writing challenge I have set myself for this year.

Now last year, my writing kinda fell to the back burner as I was settling in to a new job and I wanted reading to really make a priority. But I was sat there at the beginning of 2018 and all I could think was that I need to write more.

Writing is something I put off last year because ‘I didn’t have time’  and ‘I was always tired’ but it’s something my mind craves. It’s something I talk about all the time. How I’m going to publish all these books and I will walk in to bookshops and see my name on the shelves.

I have all these aspirations when it comes to writing. But the moment it got hard. The moment I had to push myself. I gave up.

And admitting that is hard.

But admitting it made me realise that I can still do it. Just because I had a bad year doesn’t mean this year will be bad too. It just means I took a year to follow other things. But it’s time to refocus.

So this year I have challenged myself. This may not seem like a challenge to full time writers, but for someone who finds consistent writing difficult, this is going to really push me.

I plan on writing at least 1 short story every week. Every. Single. Week.

‘Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row’

Ray Bradbury

Yes. We are almost at the end of the first week and really I need to sit myself down and get this first one written.

I don’t plan on sharing every single one of these short stories, however there may be one or two published on here.

Have you set yourself any writing challenges for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “52 week challenge!

    1. I hope you will consider taking up the 52 week challenge, I struggle with ‘write every day’ goals but I can at least dedicate some time throughout the week to get a short story (even if it is only 1000 words!). Good luck with any goals you do set, I would love to hear what you decide to do!
      Thank you for stopping by, H x

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