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Top 5 reasons I use a bullet journal!

Hey guys,

Welcome back, today I wanted to take a quick detour from our usual content to bring you something I have really grown to appreciate over the last year and something I want to tell you all about. The bullet journal system is a fantastic organisation tool where you do you, there is a system and a million and one videos on YouTube explaining how to set up your first one.

But why bother?

It’ just another system and I’ll probably stop doing it before the end of the week!

I thought exactly the same, then I realised these 5 things:

1 I was actually organised!

When I was setting up my system I kept thinking, I’m never going to use all these. But then as the days turned in to week then months and now years… I have actually been using them. The monthly plans have helped me time manage, the future log lets me know what I need to plan for and the trackers actually make me do the things I want to get done.

2 I find it easier to prioritise 

Since starting my bullet journal, I have found myself doing more of the important jobs and less of the ‘oh shove it one to make me look like I’ve done something’ tasks. I find it easier to look at the jobs I have and see the deadlines and then decide what I need to get done earlier.

3 Less Clutter

I have always been a list writer, but I always kept little scraps of paper around with my lists. But having everything in one book; all my daily to-do lists and lists of shopping and supplies, really makes finding things easier.

4 A little of me

Using a bullet journal means that I can add a little bit of my spark to it without altering what it was meant to be. Having no physical constraints to what you can do means that everything you do in the journal has a bit of you in it, even if you copy pages and spreads off people online.

5 Learn more about me

Through using a bullet journal I have learnt a lot about me, like, if I want to start doing something every day, I need to track it every day. That I love ticking things off a to-do list, and that I hate leaving things on my to-do list undone. I also learnt that I get more done if I plan the night before and update it in the morning.

When I first started my bullet journal, I constantly compared myself to those that post their spreads online and honestly I felt shitty about mine. It made me stop several times and I even gave up on it for 2 months straight ‘because mine wasn’t as pretty as theirs’. But honestly, the most important thing, for me, is to make it purposeful rather than simply pretty.

I encourage everyone to at least give the bullet journal system a go. You literally only need a notepad and pen.


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