Review: Warcross

Hey guys

So 2017 ended on a pretty slow reading pace for me, however one of the last books I finished was Warcross by Marie Lu, and I loved it.


Warcross is Marie Lu’s first delve into the world of sci-fi thrillers and although there was a clear difference between this and her two other trilogies The Young Elites and The Legend Trilogy there was still her fantastic writing.

Warcross follows Emika Chen, a hacker in a world where gaming is your everyday life; thanks to headsets and an integrated game called Warcross. Emika ‘accidentally’ hacks into an official game and catches the attention of the games creator, who then mysteriously summons Emika to Tokyo to put her bounty hunter skills to the test to stop another hacker in the warcross world.

Now I loved this, I loved the characters and I loved the twists and the turns of the storyline. I was a bit disappointed with the love interest, where her other works have really well developed love interests and this one felt too forced. I don’t feel any ‘feels’ towards the relationship and have felt that alternative relationships would have worked better.

I originally heard this would be a stand-alone and when I have previously spoken about this on here, I have mentioned this. But the ending clearly has to lead on to another book and with a bit of snooping it is looking like it will be duology. I sort of wish this had stayed as a stand-alone, purely for the fact that I would have liked to see Marie’s work wrapped up neatly in one book, I just hope it doesn’t turn in to another trilogy because I really don’t think the storyline is set up for a trilogy.

Overall, I found this to be a 4 star read. I liked the characters. The sci-fi element of the book gives it a chance to go really weird with the characters, however I found them reigned in, and although majority of them felt fleshed out a few were lacking and I wanted to know more about them.

There was, unfortunately, the lag in the middle of the novel. I did end up putting this down for a few days before finishing it. Part of me regrets it because it feels like the type of book you read in one sitting to really get the best out of it. Especially when the pace starts really picking up, there are some fantastic scenes that really pull you in and make you not want to stop reading. And I suggest you don’t.

I would recommend checking this out if you are interested in either genre, it has mild sci-fi themes so would be easily understood to those new to sci-fi; and it has a good thriller storyline without being constant fear.


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