Top 5 tips for making 2018 goals!

Hey guys!

Welcome to my top 5 tips for making goals for 2018. We all generally want this year to be our year, whether you want to lose the weight, write the book, or get that job. Spending some time now, at the beginning of January, is vital for getting the momentum for the whole year.

1 Find your reason why

If you don’t have a reason you are doing something, you are much more likely to give up. Understanding why you want to do it gives you the added motivation for reaching that goal.

For me, wanting to save enough money to put down the deposit for a home is vital for me, because I want the independence of owning my own home.

2 Work out how

You have the why but now the how is just as important. If you have a monster goal in front of you and you have no idea what you need to do to get it done, you have no chance.

Take my deposit goal, a mortgage deposit is a huge goal so I need to know how I am going to save that much money. Like; work 50+ hours overtime every month this year, and take at least 4 freelance writing jobs a month. Now I know how I am going to get the extra money around me to put down this deposit.

3 Be accountable

Telling yourself you need to lose weight is all good, if you can motivate yourself to do it. I know when I wanted to lose weight I did nothing for myself, but the moment I sat down and told my sister that I wanted to lose 3 stone I started seeing results. Why? Because she would ask me about it.

4 Be realistic

With my goal of getting a deposit down for a mortgage, many people would say that that is not realistic because of how big it is. But this is something I started saving for last year and now I just need that final push to get to my goal. Setting yourself too big a goal will inevitably lead to failure. However, saying I want to reach part of the goal by the end of the year is still huge progress.

For example, last year I stated I wanted to save £10,000 towards my deposit. That wasn’t the whole deposit, but it left me in a position to say this year, I want to put down my deposit on a mortgage.

5 Break it up

On a similar note, breaking the big tasks up make them more manageable. I tend to split my year in to quarters, January to March, etc. Then I take my large goals for the year and set quarterly targets. For example, another goal is to read 100 books this year, so I set myself a goal of 25 books per quarter.

So those were my top 5 tips for getting ahead on your goal setting for 2018. I wish you all luck in this new year and I hope all your goals are met. Let me know your goal in the comments below and any tips you have for setting your yearly goals!


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