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How To Write 100 Words on X-mas Day!

Hey guys,

Just a quick check in on Christmas! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Today is generally a busy day and getting a bit of writing done can seem impossible, however there is a few times during the typical Christmas day where you can get a few words down at a time.

Thinking you can get up before the kids on Christmas morning is a thought we all have, however this is always a failure. But during the post present unwrapping before the visiting and dinner descend, you can usually grab 15 minutes to yourself to get a few words pounded out.

Now, if you have family staying with you, we all know that getting the time to get words written is almost impossible. It’s these times that you have to get creative, texting out a paragraph or two while you’re in the bathroom, or while you are in the car travelling.

Being creative is the key to getting the words down on the busy days. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t write 1000’s of words today, but the odd sentence here and there will add up.

Good luck!

Happy Holidays


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