#24hrsofreading 18-hour check-in!

Hey guys,

So I am an hour late with this check-in but honestly it’s because I needed to get a little bit of sleep in my system.

So for the first 13th hour I decided to pick up Storm of Swords by George R.R Martin however an hour later I had read 35 pages and were struggling to read at a pace that kept me happy during my read-a-thon. So I decided to put it down.

I considered picking up Way of Kings part 2 but I  had a feeling that high fantasy wasn’t best when you were slowly falling asleep so I had a look through the books I had bought with me to my nans.

I decided to pick up Goddess of the Sea by P.C Cast, at just below 400 pages I managed to get 100 pages read before 2am. However, I was struggling. Coffee wasn’t working and I was struggling to keep myself motivated. So I decided to get a few hours sleep. I set my alarm for 6 however I didn’t wake up till 20 minutes ago (7am), so I got 5 hours of sleep.

I will be doing a wrap-up at 12 noon, I plan on pushing through some more of Goddess of the Sea and I also have a graphic novel I may pick up, Amulet Volume 1. I am currently on page total at 1075, so I have already met my basic goal for the read-a-thon.


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