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Review: One Dark Throne

Hey guys,

So I need to start (once again) catching up on some of my reviews and I decided to start with the first book I read during in November; One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake, the sequel to Three Dark Crowns.

one dark throne

Obviously, as this is a sequel we cant really talk about the plot; however Three Dark Crowns follow three sisters as they battle it out to become Queen. In a land where each Queen gives birth to triplets, and each of these triplets are given a power before having to battle (to the death!) for the crown. This story follows Arsinoe, Katharine, and Mirabella; with Arsinoe being a naturalist, Katharine being a poisoner, and Mirabella being an elemental, there hasn’t been a set of triplet Queen’s like this for an age.

I adored the first book, and honestly I thought it was much better than the sequel. I flew through the first instalment and expected to do the same with this one, but I found myself crawling through it a few pages at a time. But I did enjoy it.

I found the characters to develop more in this instalment, and where you saw three spoilt children in the first book; they each come to the realisation that this is serious in this book and start acting that way. You see weakness as well as strength.

I love how the theme of love is handled very differently for each of the Queen’s and how it developed from a love triangle feeling in the first book to a well-integrated theme in this one. I did find myself losing track of who liked who, which suitors liked which Queen and the twists and turned behind them. Having to go back and read chapters more than once because I couldn’t remember which one did certain things.

I would still recommend this series, it hasn’t finished yet (although I thought this was going to be a duology and the end of the book could have ended there- there was a segment stating that there is going to be another book!). I did enjoy it and it was the first book I read while crawling out of a reading slump!

This is a solid three star read, a typical middle book but did have some fun and emotional scenes.

Check it out.


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