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Review: Furies of Calderon

Hey guys,

So I thought it is about time I reviewed the start of a series that I am completely hooked on at the moment; Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher is the first book in the Codex of Alera. 

furies of calderon.png

You know what I love about this series, and I loved it before I even read the first word. He wrote this series as a way to prove the haters wrong, having dared them to give him some ridiculous elements and he would write a book with them. He was presented with Pokémon and Roman Legion; and he came up with this masterpiece.

Little did the haters know that he would make so much from their critique!

Now this series follows Tavi, the only person in their world who doesn’t have a fury, remember the Pokémon element. Furies are creatures linked to the world; the earth, the air, the water, fire. They are powerful and I want one so badly. But Tavi has none and is ostracised for it, when hell descends Tavi is thrown into the midst of it and has to use his wit to not only survive but save the people he loves.

Now, for a 600+ page book, I read this in two sittings. I flew through it and never wanted to stop. The plot is compelling and keeps you hooked. Although there are multiple points of view, and I usually struggle to like all of them, with this I loved them all and never felt bored in any of them.

I loved that it started so simple, but it develops into a wider more complex world; you can tell that Jim Butcher knows this world inside and out. Details are woven in wonderfully and it never feels like you get info-dumped.

I must admit, I was intimidated by this series; everyone I know who has read it, ranted at me about it. It made me scared not to like it. But now I am completely one of those who just wants everyone to read it because I fell in love with it completely. I am currently reading (at the time of posting this!) the second instalment of the series Academ’s Fury and am loving this one equally!

Please guys, if you enjoy high fantasy, if you like Pokémon and mythical creatures… you need to read this series!

Fantastic characters, fantastic world, fantastic plot!

Please read!


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