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NaNoWriMo : Oh Sh*t I’m Behind

Hey guys,

Week three eh? Maybe your like most of us and are slightly behind schedule?

I know. I know. What can you do?

Well it depends on just how far behind you are, you still have 9 days left. It’s still possible to write the whole 50K (I know some people who do 50K in a few days!) but most people are usually only a few thousand words behind at this point.

A few hardcore writing days (or just one) can really pull back your writing numbers! This is why I usually plan my 10K weekend this week! Dedicating a few days (if you can)means you can pull back at least a few days worth of writing.

The WordNerds have a playlist with their liveshows where they do 20 minute writing sprints, I generally go through a whole playlist of these doing 20 minute sprints with a few minutes of chat between them. You don’t need to watch them live for them to be useful!

Keep going guys!


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