#TomeTople Day 1

Hey guys,

So Tome Topple has now begun and day one, for me, is almost over. I must admit, this has fallen at a bad time work-wise, as the Christmas schedule is always a tuff one. However progress has been made!

I have spent majority of today at work; from 7am till 6pm, and working in a prison means that I don’t get to sneak a few pages here and there, or even really utilise my break as team bonding over breaks is essential (plus it’s the only time you ever get to talk to the people you work with).

I got home, cooked, and put on some TV for background noise, I have found I read more when there is noise in the background compared to reading in silence. Then I picked up Academ’s Fury by Jim Butcher, the first book on my tbr.

academs fury

Although I really want to just read this book late into the night and potentially devour it in one sitting, I also have to adult. ADULTING- knowing that you need to go to bed at a decent time because you have a 4:30am start.

So at 21:30 (half 9 in the evening), I decided to put down the book and quickly update you guys. I managed to get 57 pages read today, which I am really happy with. I was expecting around 30, as I got home exhausted today.

I have a very busy few days ahead, working all day tomorrow and Sunday; however if I can get 50 pages read on each of these days decent progress will be made before my first day off of the read-a-thon on Monday. I’m hoping that I can get this first book completed by the end of Monday, especially since I have Monday off and can completely relax.

How are you all doing? Which book did you start the read-a-thon with? Let me know in the comments below! Are you magical? Have you already completed your first tome of the read-a-thon? I cant wait to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by,


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