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Review: The Royals Series

Hey guys,

I have recently been binging on easy reads, a little it of the good vibe reads. That means I binge read The Royals Series by Erin Watt, and I am so glad that I did.

There are currently four instalments of the series, with the fifth being released in January 2018 (and yes, I am planning on reading it because I need to know!). The series starts with Paper Princess, followed by Broken Prince, Twisted Palace, and finally Fallen Heir. 

the royals.png

Now when you start reading this series you will notice that a major change happens, that is, the first three books follow Ella Harper and Reed Royal, whereas the final book (and the next book for release) follow Easton Royal. If I am honest, I much preferred Ella and Reed compared to Eason’s story. Not that Easton’s story was bad, I was just invested more into Ella and Reed because that was what hooked me into the series.

If you don’t like continuation in series but with story arc changes, then I would recommend reading the first three as one series and starting Fallen Heir as a completely different series; especially as you can read Fallen Heir without having read the others because it recaps everything and doesn’t really involve the plot points as it is set a little while after the events.

One thing I did love about all 4 books were the characters, they were very real. They all had their faults and flaws, they all had issues they have to deal with and they all have some growth through each book. There are no flat characters in this series, even the side characters have enough that a book could be written for each of them and it would be wonderful.

For this reason, and because the plot was enticing and engrossing; I found it impossible to put this series down. I read each of them on my Kindle and found myself automatically starting the next book as soon as I finished the first. I just wanted to continue, and when I realised I had to wait till January for the fifth, I was greatly disappointed.

I am not going to lie; I read most of these sat in the hospital next to my Grandma. I was struggling emotionally and needed something to do that wasn’t going to emotionally drain me (we all know the feeling, when you read a heavy book and you feel emotionally drained by the end of it). I decided to pick them up because I thought they would be ‘trashy’ and I mean that in a good way because it’s those trashy self-indulgence books that pull you through hard times and takes you away from everything around you. And that is exactly what this series did.

This is an addictive series. I highly recommend them because even though I don’t like reading romance novels, this series made me feel the loved up feels. It has tension, suspense, action, emotions, everything. I loved them.

I rarely give 5 stars to every book in a series, but this series I did.

Check them out guys!


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