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Creative Corner: Payment

Hey guys,

I loved writing my recent flash fiction piece ‘locksmith’ and I couldn’t help keep thinking what she would ask in payment, what could she possibly ask for?

She was sloped over the throne as the King made his way through the door into the viewing chamber, her fingers holding an empty vial engraved with the Royal seal. “Hey there.” She muttered as he climbed the steps in front of her.

“I would move child.” She laughed, glanced at the guards and swung her legs in front of her.

Planting her elbows into her knees she propped her fists under he chin. “I do believe you owe me something my King.”

“I told you to name your price.” Her lips pursed and smacked before she sat upright.

“Hum, lets think. I could ask for the soul of your unborn son.” With a glance at the Queen’s swollen stomach. “Or I could take this Kingdom from you, but this seat.” She tapped the arms. “This seat is not comfy.”

She launched herself forward to the dismay of the guards who rushed forward to the King, his hand bolted up to stop them. She placed her lips on his ears.

“I think I shall ask for your deepest, darkest secret. The secret that nobody knows. That your loving wife doesn’t know. That your advisors don’t know. That will be my payment.” She whispered. “My King.”

The King paled above her.

secrets prompt

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