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Creative Corner: Stop Me

Hey guys,

Welcome back to another creative corner, where I share a little piece of flash fiction I have been working on. Today’s prompt is from Pinterest, and as I have been on a chick-flick read recently I decided to try writing a little bit in a flash fiction piece.

kissing prompt

Her fingers twisted through mine, her slight breathing moving against my side. “Don’t move away.” She muttered, eyelids half closed.

“I’m not moving anywhere.” My fingers squeezed hers harder, until her fingers answered mine.

Her body twisted next to me, pushing me further into the sofa. Her face pushing up towards mine. “Why wont you kiss me?” Half asleep mutterings.

“The problem is,” I whispered, my lips tracing through her hair, “if I kissed you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

A smile traced around her lips, “Who says I would want you to?”

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