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Creative Corner: Locksmith

Hey guys,

Time to have another flash fiction piece from me! This is quite an interesting one and I enjoyed coming up with different ideas from this prompt.

locksmith prompt

“How much will it cost, child?” The crown asked behind a line of armed guards. “Name your price.” His old face hid young eyes.

“That would depend, my King.” Her fingers twisted around the end of her braid. “How quiet does it have to be? How many people know? And whether these guards try and touch me.”

“Erm, the guards… the guards wont touch you if you don’t try and touch me.” He muttered, more unsure with every word.

“But my King, you know as well as I that I need your blood to close the gate your blood opened.” A smile crept around her teeth as the guards shivered in their armour.

“My blood you will have, my protection you will have, name your price child. You will have it. Just please, this gate I need closing. I need it closing quietly. I need closing quickly.” He creaked as he leaned forward. “It’s eating my world, and we cannot face the Devil again.”

“Then I will tell you my cost when I get back. Send a small vile of your precious blood to my room, that should be enough. The Devil, me and he have an arrangement.” She smiled, turned and slowly walked from the room.

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