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Creative Corner: Dead Trees

Hey guys,

So the following short is inspired by a pinterest pin that wouldn’t leave me alone, I was actually doing some inspiration board work when I found it and although I spent a few hours working, all I could think about what this. So this is the few hundred words that wouldn’t leave my mind. I hope you enjoy!

dead trees

‘For the crime of high treason, you Adelade Harenby are sentenced to spend three weeks in Harrow Woods.’ The judge stopped only to notch his glasses further up his nose at the gasps that filled the hall. ‘If you do in fact survive this sentence, you will of course be welcomed back to the city, a free citizen.’

With a tap of his paper my life was over, and I couldn’t focus on it. I should focus on it. Harrow Woods. He had said Harrow Woods.

I was dead.

None of the guards touched me as I started to walk from the hall, one foot after the other. Would he give me the noose, it was outdated but please.

‘Sir please.’ He glanced in my direction, permission. ‘Will. Will it be on TV?’ With a nod every horror shuddered through my bones.

My mother, she would know everything. Every day that would play it over and over, some live, some of my worst moments. Right up till I died. Or until the counter hit zero. The betting would start now, the chatter was already filling the room.

They would all bet I would die.


If I win. I win it all.

With a nod of my own, I stalked from the all forming a battle plan of my own.

I can definitely see Adelade featuring in many more of my flash fiction pieces, I have this vision of a feisty and deadly woman that no one sees coming.

Helen x



3 thoughts on “Creative Corner: Dead Trees

  1. Interesting premise Helen. You ended Chapter One too soon. Hope there is more following . I’m curious to see how the pin board ties with the story; immediately began imagining a hunger games horror mix . Great going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the feedback! When writing this I didn’t see it as a chapter but rather a glimpse into a story I may develop even further later down the line.
      Funnily, I had been thinking about The Hunger Games when I wrote this piece and how it could be manipulated into a deeper horror. In fact, it is the inspiration for one of my horror projects at the moment. I love The Hunger Games and using it as inspiration definitely helps.
      Thank you again.


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