Social Saturday: Blog I loved this week!

Hey guys,

So I am introducing a new weekly segment on to my blog where we celebrate blog posts that I have loved this week. The blog I have chosen this week is one that I have been looking at for a while now and have constantly returned to it.

I like the advice it gives, it is honest and sometimes a little brutal at times, but definitely something that writer’s need to read sometimes. Of course, there is a tonne of inspiration and motivation on the blog and it’s done in a really good way.

Well I better tell you who it is!

theryanlanz- ‘A Writer’s Path’

the writers path image
image sourced from ‘the writers path’ blog

In particular, I have loved his post on starting writing; not first time writers but getting yourself sitting down and writing when you don’t feel like it. I love the advice but I also suggest that you have a good mooch around and show some love on there.

Show some love guys!

Maybe your blog will be featured next week!

Helen x


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