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Creative Corner: Manners

creative corner 1A short on old fashioned manners.

‘Sir, please you need to take a deep breath.’ Genuine concern leaked through his shaking voice.

The lopsided shop assistant stopped short of the door, staring fearfully at the half collapsed body in his archway. The slaps of his hands on his trousers searching for his phone echoed across the empty sleep.

‘Just ask’ his jaws snapped, gasping for breath, ‘me to come in.’

‘But Sir, I think you need an ambulance. I just need to get my phone.’ Concern blended into panic as he attempted to stand. ‘Maybe you should come in.’

Fingers latched around his throat as the crippling body collided through the shop front.

‘It’s hard to find good old fashioned manners these days,’ the bloodied creature stalked away.

This flash fiction piece was inspired by a inspiration table in ‘The Writer’s Magazine’ and was based on a naïve shop assistant and a troubled vampire, I definitely want to write more about the struggles of an old-fashioned vampire in the modern world.

I would love some feedback! Leave me a comment.

Helen x


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