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August Aims!

Hey guys,

So we are starting another month and honestly this month I plan on focusing really hard on making progress on several big areas of my 2017 goals, as well as spending a lot more time working on this beautiful blog. There are three main areas of focus, with a few smaller aims.

Reading aims:

So, July wasn’t really good on the actual reading front. I read a lot, just not many fiction books; I spent a lot of time reading, but focusing on non-fiction. I have read a lot of self-help books and advice books on growing my business and developing strategies.

In August I plan on getting two five books, although I haven’t set myself a TBR; I do know that I want to participate in Tome Topple round 4.0.

Writing aims:

I plan on drafting two short stories, preferably I would like to get one of the bigger shorts drafted. However I have come to the realisation that alongside the other projects I have planned for the upcoming months, I may have to push my deadlines for the end of this project to early next year.

However, I do have a little time off this month (only a few long weekends) but I do plan on utilising these on writing.

Blogging aims:

I do plan on spending at least a little time every day working on editing, sharing, and promoting different aspects of the blog. I have a large content list for this month that I plan on getting you- and I am actually utilising an editorial calendar this month and it is helping so much already!

No longer is Helen spending hours thinking of her next blog post!


There will be a large block of my driving lessons happening this month; I plan on passing my theory test this month and make decent progress on my practical driving skills.

E-courses development:

So, a new project that I haven’t really discussed on here before is the development of my online courses. Theses are writing courses that focus on different aspects of the writing progress, including; general introduction to writing fiction, writing flash fiction, outlining your fiction piece, writing non-fiction, and editing. I do have a lot of work to do on these courses before I launch them, which I aim for doing so towards the end of the year.

Keep an eye open for more information on these over the next few weeks.

As for August, I plan on outlining and drafting two modules of ‘introduction to general fiction’, including getting the slides made and first activities developed. I do have video content that I will be making to go with the courses and honestly this is both exciting and terrifying.

So those are my aims for August, I would say that I am keeping it simple this month but I do need to start making progress (serious progress) on my aims. Do you have any aims that you would like to share?

Helen x


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