Flash Fiction and what to do with it…

Hey guys,

Welcome to that last instalment of the ‘flash fiction series’, if this is your first encounter with me, I suggest you go back to the beginning (but really, you can read these in any order).

Many people argue that you  have limited options with what you can do with flash fiction pieces, that they are too small to be of interest for magazine publication, that you need too many of them to fill a book. Really, those people don’t know where to look, because the platform for fast, flash fiction is growing daily.

I predict that it currently rivals, or even outshines the demand for traditional length short stories (1500 to 7500 words). That is because they can grab a reader, suck them in, make them want more, without taking pages to do so.

There are a host of online magazines that openly crave flash fiction, yes you don’t get paid the money you do for short stories or novels, but you can produce these at a much faster pace and over time you can earn just as well.

One of the biggest platforms for flash fiction is flash fiction online a magazine based entirely on the concept and publication of flash fiction. Why wouldn’t you want to reach the readers through this platform? I have no idea, but the idea of publishing via an online magazine seems to either terrify or repulse many writers.

Personally I see it as another ebook publication, yes the entire work isn’t yours but your name still accompanies your work, you still get the credit and financial incentive that goes along with it. Some argue that people don’t read them, that is an argument of the past because the printed magazine is slowly perishing. The number of magazines that no longer even make a printed version outweigh those that do, that means there is a market for them. Think about it, how many times a month do you get rid of a stack of magazines that collected up, now think back 5 years, is there the same number in that stack? I don’t think so!

However, this is not the only option you have. Many authors of flash fiction publish them via blogs or online community platforms such as Wattpad, where they can gain the community support and perhaps even be found by those looking to help upcoming authors. Of course this isn’t guaranteed, but not every author is just writing for money or fame, they are writing because they have to.

The final option is one I briefly mentioned before, saving up many pieces of flash fiction that centre around one topic and producing them as a unified piece, or an anthology of really short stories. There are several ways of doing this, children’s bed time story collections are excellent examples of this, where each story is a page or two and designed to be read and understood quickly. However, there are other options, horror is a great theme to go with because you have a huge area to play with and readers should only need a good snippet to get the desired effect. Another interesting take on this would be the life of a fictional character shown through flash fiction piece, have a collection of say 100 pieces, split them into sections and show their trials and tribulations in very brief snippets of their lives.

You see, people see flash fiction pieces as restrictive because of the word count, but I find them freeing because of the word count- you just have to see what you can do with them!

Thanks for joining me guys, see you next time!

Helen x


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