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Friday Fiction Challenge: Yesterday

Hey guys,

So today I thought for the challenge, I would bring you a task that I have been doing quite a bit recently. I have found that this specific task has really boosted how I view mundane tasks in regards to writing inspiration.

This challenge has two parts, the first part is purely you, the second part I highly recommend sharing.

Part 1:

Consider everything you did yesterday, bullet point it down. Start from when you woke up to when you go to sleep. E.g.

  • Alarm went off at 05:30, fell back to sleep.
  • Woke up by emergency alarm at 06:00, got dressed and ready for work.
  • Drove to work, got stuck in traffic because a car crashed into the lamp-post and the usual road was blocked.
  • Arrived at work…

Key things to write down:

  • conversations you had
  • anything you did outside of your routine and why you had to do it
  • any conflict you had during the day (arguments, disagreements, things that annoy you)

It may be helpful to do this throughout  the day and jot them down as you go along.

Part 2:

Now is the time to do something creative! Pick an element you wrote down and write 100 – 500 words about what happened. You don’t have to stick to the facts, you can change everything other than the core element.


For example, when I did my last exercise I had received a phone call earlier in the day about being in a car crash- I don’t have my driving licence yet, so I knew it was a fake. Although I kept the core element; receiving an obviously fake phone call, I altered it so I was in the middle of an arduous climb for a competition and the call stopped me from completing it under my previously best time; adding extra conflict to the situation.

Do the same as usual, post your fiction pieces below or links to your blogs. I look forward to reading them, and I hope you realise just how much inspiration you have floating around your everyday life.

Good luck guys!

Helen x


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