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Flash: Dragonphobia

Hey guys,

Another flash fiction piece from me, the image below  was sourced from Pinterest and was the inspiration for this short piece. I hope you enjoy.

dialogue prompt 1 dragon

‘Dude we are not asking the dragon for directions.’ Angry whispers filled my ears as we continued to walk towards the beast, half-slumbering in the corner.

“Why?” Trying to sound innocent while we walked towards our potential death.

“Because we are going to be eaten.” I’m sure I could hear the tears in his voice.

“Don’t be so judgemental asshole,” I gave him a little shove as we continued to walk. “You never know, there are nice dragons, only a few actually eat people.”

And then we were there, feet to snout with the largest dragon I have ever seen- okay, the only fully grown dragon I had ever seen. 

“Excuse me sire, I am sorry, so sorry for disturbing you.”

“Oh Son, you didn’t disturb me.” Eyes flooded open. “You both should know that Dragons have exceptionally good hearing,” He grew to his full height. “I’m not hungry, a little peckish though.”

This flash fiction piece has led to several short story length ideas, some I plan on working through over the next few weeks; so keep an eye out for some dragon-related short stories that may be popping up.

When I was writing and editing this piece down, I was thinking about the prejudice we as writers generally have towards certain mythical creatures; with dragons often perceived as evil creatures. But when I imagined them dispersed naturally into our society, I imagined the prejudice spreading and people generally fearing them; so I made him slightly scary but also with a jokey side because he’s just fed up of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed writing it. Until next time my friends,

Helen x


5 thoughts on “Flash: Dragonphobia

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