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FFAW: Rooftop Rebels

Hey guys,

So I have decided to start participating in the weekly flash fiction challenge known as FFAW: flash fiction for aspiring authors. Where each week they provide a prompt (usually a photograph), then using that you attempt to produce a 100-150 word flash fiction piece.

This week, the photo below was provided by Grant-Sud; who is an author and photographer, you can check out his work here. His short story and flash fiction pieces on his blog are fantastic, I highly recommend a good mooch around his site.

09.07.2017 rooftops.png

All we wanted was to be seen, a peaceful protest.

History said we were nothing, cast down and hidden until we are old enough to mean anything. Told we were trouble, and didn’t care. They just didn’t realise what we  cared about.

A call to arms, spread across the nation in texts, until every one of us knew.

“Rooftops- every single rooftop.”

So when the sun rose and the panic spread, mass suicide they believed. We stood, in silence on every rooftop, in every street, in every village, in every city. We made them look up and stare.

For once they saw every single one of us, our hidden army.

The rebellion begun, on the rooftops.

I enjoyed writing this peace because it bought out my inner rebel. Although it is in the middle of the target; at 116 words, my original draft was almost 200 words. I highly recommend checking out the other pieces and the rules of FFAW if you are interest in participating, you can find out more here.

If you are inspired to write a flash fiction piece based on this image, let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by,

Helen x

4 thoughts on “FFAW: Rooftop Rebels

  1. This is an excellent piece of writing! I have noticed that you haven’t linked up to the Blue Froggy button, do you need directions? You will get more people to read your story.


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