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Coming up: 10th – 16th July

Hey guys,

So, to start keeping myself more accountable, I’m hoping to start sharing some of my weekly aims with you. So, hopefully, each Sunday you’ll get a post saying my aims for the week and whether I accomplished last weeks aims. Simple, accountable, and motivating- mainly because I really don’t want to keep letting you guys down!

I know my aim is currently only to write 1 post a week, but I don’t really see this as a post. It’s more of a to-do list check in. So, hopefully, these wont be the only post you get to see a week- I did say hopefully!

So last week I didn’t really have any aims, I bought myself back to the blog and set myself some long term goals. So, just for the first one, lets see how much progress I have made with these.

Since my last post I have finished no books, other than self-help books. I’ve really been focusing on my writing and learning that when I’ve sat down to read I am just exhausted. On the driving front, I have booked my first 12 lessons and will be starting them in two weeks (the earliest the instructor could do that didn’t clash with my work rota!). I have drafted out two short stories, however neither are for my anthology; they are both to be entered into competitions over the next few months and I wanted to get the drafts done so I can spend longer editing so maybe I have a chance.

When it comes to my anthology itself, I have finally decided my theme; retellings. I have chosen four of the retellings I want to tell, but I have also started reading some less traditional fairy tales and looking at tales from other cultures. I really want this to be a diverse and well rounded set of short works. I have also started researching around the self-publishing industry, the do’s and dont’s.

So, on to the aims for next week!

My first aim is to finish two books. I am currently reading ‘The Last Ever After’ by Soman Chainani and ‘The Gray Knight’, by Jonathan Moeller, the first book in the ‘Frostborn’ series. I am really enjoying both of these and I only have roughly 200 pages of each left, so I will be a little disappointed in myself if I cant finish them.

My second aim for the week is to draft two of the short stories for my anthology, I want to draft two of the shorter pieces (each between 1000 and 5000 words). I am currently planning some of these out but I am aiming to have a rough draft of two of them done by the end of the week.

I also want to continue my edits on my competition pieces, I don’t plan on having these ‘ready’ for submission this week, but to get at least one more round of edits completed.

So, those are my aims for the week. I have a busy working week and my only day off is Wednesday (however I do have a day of appointments already). I do have a few half days this week but from Friday till Monday I am working 12 hour shifts back to back. Which means if anything gets done in those days it will be a miracle.

What are your aims for the week?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by.

Helen x


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