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Hiding in my sleepy corner

Hi Guys,

So I disappeared, again. Really guys. Did you expect anything different?

I must admit that I got overwhelmed at work, I have been struggling to find a balance between work and home work. I have also been reading, a lot. So whenever I want to relax at home, I’ve not been thinking about producing posts; I’ve been thinking about curling up on my bed and diving in to a great book. I cant help it.

I have been reading roughly 10-15 books a month over the last three months. And I must admit that some of these books have made my favourite list! I’ll be adding these to my 2017 books page at the top!

I have however, also been working on my writing.

Something I noticed when I started working full time, is that my writing is greatly suffering. I haven’t been focused on it, because I know I cant put in the same amount of time as I did before. But, a few days ago I realised that I needed to get it back into my life because it was the biggest de-stressor in my life.

So, I took the opportunity to purchase a few more resources (cough- books on writing) to inspire me, direct me, and overall push me to start writing again. Although my aim for this year is almost beyond hope (to get a book published this year), I could however, publish through self publishing.

An idea I have been playing with over the last few days- and I must admit, for a few years; is publishing my short story pieces as anthologies. Although my current aim is to get one anthology published via ebook this year, I am hoping that once I begin this will grow and grow.

I do still  have my aim of traditionally publishing a full length novel. That is a dream that I doubt I will ever give up on. It has been in my blood since I knew what a book was. But right now, I want to work on my craft of writing. Developing my skill as a writer, through shorter fiction pieces and discovering things that work for me.

Can you tell I have been reading self-help books?

Since we have just passed the half-way mark of the year, a review and re-assessment of the years’ goals seems appropriate.

I originally aimed to read 75 books this year, not including self-help books, I have currently read 55 books according to Goodreads. I will be greatly disappointed if I cannot read another 20 books in the next 6 months. I do plan on aiming closer to the 100 book mark for the year, however I wont be disappointed if I don’t get past the 100 book mark, just as long as I do get over 75!

Writing wise, it is still possible to get something published this year- although through alternative routes. Which is something that scared me before, but the more I consider my writing and my current life situation, the more I realise that if I want to start pushing myself as a writer and an author (who actually has something published!), I need to push out of my comfort area.

So my writing aim for the rest of the year is to work on a 10 story, short works collection. I have chosen 10 stories because that means I can use varying lengths, I can have one or two 10,000 word novellas, alongside seven or eight short story pieces. I want these all to be surrounding one theme; I am currently deciding which theme, but I do know that it will be fantasy based.

Timescale wise, I plan on having the stories drafted and beginning the editing process by the beginning of September, which gives me roughly 2 months to draft them out. I then plan on having them edited by early November, at which time I am hoping to have them released as an ebook anthology.

I understand that this is a huge task, especially when I already work a 45 hour week, not including travelling times. However, I do plan on bringing you all along on my journey, from concept to finished piece.

Alongside this, I do plan on starting to post again. I am currently aiming for a post a week. I did notice before that it was when I was churning out 5/6 posts a week, that I burnt myself out and then disappeared. Hopefully, limiting myself to 1 post a week until I find this balance in my life, I can keep content coming to my readers (that’s you!) while also maintaining the momentum for all three areas of my life.

Something that will be taking up a bit of my time in the next couple of months is that I will be learning to drive, and like every other skill this means practice. Unfortunately, driving isn’t something I can do while reading or writing. However, if I want to become the independent woman I see myself as, I do need the freedom and mobility of my own transport. It also means I spend less time travelling, waiting for lifts/ public transport and more time focusing on what I need to get done.

As for my monetary goals for the year, due to some stress buying, I am slightly behind. However, when I consider my current position, I am doing well and with some thought and budgeting over the next six months, I am sure that I will reach my gaol of £7000 savings.

In regards to my weight-loss goals for the year, I have plateaued and that is basically because I have been lazy. Although my activity is up, my calorie and fat intake is also up. I have been relying on fast food and impulse eating, rather than sticking to meal plans and home-cooked food.

Overall, I am happy with how 2017 has gone. There have been a few hiccups, a few really sad moments and a few extremely happy ones. But something that I have found myself continuously coming back to is this blog, and I am so happy that I have this as a place to be creative, to explore new techniques and to evaluate resources.

So, most of all I want to say thank you to the readers who keep coming back after all my disappearances and my trips away from my keyboard. I do intend on staying, like every time. I will never go completely, sometimes I just need a break away.

I will see you soon my friends,

Helen x


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