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#TomeTopple week 1

Hey guys,

So we have officially completed the first week of Tome Topple and I am extremely happy with the first week’s progress, I do not expect to get the same amount read over the next week but I’d be happy with my progress even if the read-a-thon ended today! So lets have a quick look at what I have read so far!

I have picked up 5 tomes so far and completed two of them, I am currently working on two of them and have put one down for another day because I just wasn’t gelling with the book (do you understand that feeling, when you know you’re going to love it but it just doesn’t feel like the right time?!).

Lets start with the books I have completed this week!

The first tome I completed was Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones, a retelling of the Labyrinth and I loved this book. I completed the entire 508 pages in the first day of the rad-a-thon and I loved it. I did have some problems with it but overall there was a reason I couldn’t stop turning the pages! An excellent way to start the read-a-thon, and honestly I think it was just the right story for me to pull myself into the larger reads.

The second tome I completed I did so on Wednesday (day 6) and that was Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb and this has made me dive into a high fantasy kick (funnily enough, I had the same reaction when I read Assassin’s Apprentice). I read the entire 648 pages over  three days and I loved it. I found it extremely difficult to get into (but I always tend to find high or epic fantasies slow to get into) but after the half-way point I literally flew through it in two sittings. I highly recommend this series.

The one book I put down was The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher. I really wasn’t feeling connected to this book at all, I found myself wanting to do anything else while reading it so I decided to attempt to read another tome in it’s place. This doesn’t mean that I have completely DNF’d this but I plan on picking it up at another time.

I currently have two tomes in progress; Red Sister by Mark Lawrence and Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks. I am not very far into either of these books as I picked them up the evening before I started back to work; being on page 107 of Red Sister and page 36 of Shadow’s Edge. I have got another week off now (I know- do I ever work any more?!) but I do plan on trying to get some overtime during my rest week.

Just to note, I have completed two shorter books (because I was struggling for a few days and wanted books to read while travelling on the bus) and they were The Bronze Key by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, and Twilight Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim. Neither of these books were tomes, although Twilight completed the graphic novel challenge and was part of my original TBR I have since learnt that the graphic novel is meant to be over 500 pages where this one is only over 200.

So, not including the books that don’t count as tomes, over week 1 I have completed 1299 pages! I would, perhaps, like to get this to 2000 by the end of the read-a-thon.

My plans for the rest of the read-a-thon are simple, I would like to complete the two books I am currently working on. I would also like to start another, if I don’t get around to finishing it I will be happy still.

How has your first week of the read-a-thon gone? I have loved delving into big books and cant help but see the benefits of having larger gaps on my ever-crowded TBR shelf!

Thanks for stopping by guys,

Helen x


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