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#TomeTopple Day 6!!

Hey guys,

So just a stop in to let you know that I have finished ‘Royal Assassin’ by Robin Hobb just. I mean, less that 5 minutes ago I read the final word. This means two things:

  1. I have completed the challenges to read more than one tome, to read an adult tome, and to read a tome that is part of a series (and I am pretty sure several other people in this read-a-thon are reading this too, so maybe even buddy read a tome).
  2. I have completed my personal challenge to read 10 before I return to work!

Here are the 10 books I have devoured in the last 2.5 weeks!

  • And I Darken by Keisten White
  • Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman
  • First Year by Rachel E Carter
  • The Gender Game by Bella Forrester
  • The High Lord by Trudi Canavan
  • Midnight Star by Marie Lu
  • Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
  • Twilight V1 by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim
  • The Bronze Key by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black
  • Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

I have loved majority of the books on this list, some being completed in one day! As I am returning to work tomorrow I expect my reading pace to decline however I have set myself the task of ensuring I read a minimum of 50 pages every single day (including the days where I have worked 14-15 hour shifts!). Because of this, I have decided to expand my TBR for the rest of the month!

Currently reading:

  • Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (106/512)
  • The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon (279/466) -inactive
  • The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (265/541)- inactive

Books to read:

  • Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke (543)
  • Apprentice by Rachel E Carter (357)
  • The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan (505)
  • Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes (306)
  • Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks (636)
  • The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross (317)

I have found it extremely beneficial to have more than one tome actively being read at a time, I found that when I grew drained during Royal Assassin reading a few chapters of Red Sister let me still get reading done. It also meant that I could return to Royal Assassin an hour or so later and feel fresh enough to pick it back up and continue reading! So, because of this I have decided to pick up another tome to actively read alongside Red Sister.

I have decided to start Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks. Now I flew through the first in this series The Way of Shadows and it literally dragged me (kicking and screaming) from a reading slump. This is another tale of assassins and their antics, something that I am craving at the moment, and I miss the world. Although it has been a while since I started the Night Angel Trilogy, I remember Kylar and the world, I remember what happened and how it ended.

I may have to be up at 5am for work, but I do plan on laying in bed for the next hour or so and getting a few chapters of this read so I can officially claim it as being actively read. One because I am really excited about getting back into this, and two because I know that if I don’t pick it up now I will keep putting it back on the pile and change my mind about which book to pick up next.

So there is a quick update and the changes to my plans, I don’t doubt that these will change again before the end of the month- they always do. Let me know how your reading is going, in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by guys,

Helen x


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