#RYBSAT Wrap-up

Hey guys,

So we have come to the end of the first read-a-thon I have actually taken seriously for quite a while and honestly I think it has been a success. Part of me thinks that this is because I have been off work and therefore have had more time to read- but the rest of me says oh well, time to read is time to read.

Something that I am exceptionally happy about, is that for the entire two week read-a-thon, I read every single day. Without fail. True, some days I didn’t reach 100 pages, but it was still progress through my books. Honestly, it feels like it has been months since I finished this many books- in fact, I have read the same number of books I did in the entirety of January. So lets have a peek at these books…

I started the read-a-thon with And I Darken by Kiersten White, I flew through this over two days and loved it. I found it dark, twisted and engaging. I did have a few problems with the pacing and the characters but overall I loved this book. This was a great start to the read-a-thon and really set the pace for the rest of the fortnight.

The second book I picked up was Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman, now this was a slower book with more twists and turns. I have posted a full (spoiler free) review of this and although I struggled with parts I still think about the characters even though I have read quite a few books since this one.

The third book I picked up was The Gender Game by Bella Forrest, I am not going to lie; this book was not the best dystopian I have ever read. In fact it was one of the worst. I found it to be boring and the plot felt non-existent, it took me three days to complete the 411 pages which really shocked me.

The forth book I picked up was First Year by Rachel E Carter, the first book in her Black Mage Quartet. Although I really wanted to read this in one sitting, I had to put it down because I simply ran out of time on day 7. I did however, complete the book early on day 8 and I cannot wait to continue with this series.

The fifth book I picked up was The High Lord by Trudi Canavan, the final book in her Black Magician Trilogy and I loved this book. Oh gosh, this was how you end a trilogy and set up for countless more. I honestly cannot wait to delve into more of Trudi’s work because this series was amazing. Please check out this series if you like magic, intrigue, a little bit of politics and twists that make your heart ache. Fantastic series.

The sixth book I devoured was another end of series book, The Midnight Star by Marie Lu is the final instalment of her Young Elites Trilogy and this was another tear your heart out book. I could have easily devoured this in one sitting but I had started this on a long commute; and although I got over half read on the bus, I didn’t have time after that to continue reading until the next morning. I loved it.

The seventh book I consumed was done in a single sitting, even though it was the first tome of #TomeTopple; Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones was beautiful and deliriously thought provoking. I have heard rumours that there is going to be a sequel to this and I very much hope so because it has already made it’s way into my favourites of the year and it’s only April.

The eighth and final book I completed during RYBSAT was a graphic novel, Twilight Volume One by Stephenie Meyers and Young Kim. I flew through this late on Saturday evening, the 224 pages took me less than two hours to get through. Even though I felt that it missed huge chunks of the story out, and that the art wasn’t the best (compared to the other graphic novels I have read) I did enjoy being back in the twilight world, but only for a short period of time.

I felt amazing when I realised that I had completed eight books in two weeks, but I hadn’t quite run out of time. I did have Sunday left. So I decided to pick up the next book on my Tome Topple TBR The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher; although I completed 147 pages, I really struggled and my mind kept drifting to the next book on the pile. I decided later in the afternoon to pick up Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb because it had been staring at me all day saying ‘read me… read me’ so I did. I managed to get through the first 200 pages before I had to go to sleep. I am extremely happy with this.

Lets look at stats…

I started 10 books during this read-a-thon.

I completed 8 books entirely within the read-a-thon.

I finished two series, I made progress on one series, and I started 4 series.

I read a total of 3660 pages during the read-a-thon. holy moley.

Even though I started this read-a-thon terribly behind on my Goodreads challenge, today I am currently one book ahead of schedule and intend to get this to 5 or 6 ahead by the end of April. I am currently participating in #TomeTopple, so I hope I can keep the momentum going while I integrate back into work. I understand that my reading pace is slowing because of the types of books I have picked for TomeTopple (mainly epic high fantasy reads) and these tend to be slower books.

I have also almost completed my personal challenge of reading 10 books before I return to work. I still have 4 days until I officially restart and I am hopeful that I can get the two books I am currently reading done before then- maybe even an additional one. I do have quite a bit of commuting over the next few days, so hopefully I can get quite a bit read while I sit on the bus.

I hope you all had a successful read-a-thon, I loved seeing the spaces on my TBR shelves and it was extremely satisfying to start taking books out of my TBR storage boxes to place on my shelves to be read. Let me know how you did in the comments below. What was your favourite book of the read-a-thon? I think mine is a toss-up between The High Lord and Wintersong.

Thanks for stopping by guys.

Helen x



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