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#RYBSAT week 1

Hey guys,

So I know you only found out that I was participating in RYBSAT two days ago but we have just passed the first week and I wanted to do a quick update on what I have read so far and how the plans are looking for the second week!

Week 1 wrap-up!

So I only found out that the read-a-thon had started late on the Monday evening, so when I picked up ‘And I Darken’ by Kiersten White, I could only get 88 pages read before falling asleep. However, these 88 pages hooked me.

Tuesday came and I spent most of the day reading ‘And I Darken’ and I was quite disappointed that I could only get 400 pages through it. With only 75 pages left I found myself with a headache and really needing sleep.

Wednesday came and I finally finished ‘And I Darken’, I finished that last 75 pages early on the morning and got on with some work that needed doing. I wrote the review for ‘And I Darken’ which was posted yesterday, and then as the evening drew on I decided to pick up ‘Legacy of Kings’ by Eleanor Herman. Although I started this quite late, I managed to read 138 pages!

Thursday was quite a successful reading day, I managed to finish the entirety of ‘Legacy of Kings’ which I found quite an accomplishment because it’s a very slow read. I will be posting my review of this over the next few days when I finally manage to get my thoughts into actual words.

Friday was a busy day for me, I ended up out in nature more which I really needed. I found myself more relaxed and happier after spending the day walking through a local nature reserve. However this meant that I didn’t spend the day reading as I had planned. However I did pick up ‘The Gender Game’ by Bella Forrest before I went to bed and managed to get 94 pages read, when I think of the length of the book this is a decent portion of the book complete.

Saturday was an equally busy day, doing the weekly shop and spending some time with my mom meant that not a whole lot of reading got done. I did manage to continue reading ‘The Gender Game’ by Bella Forrest and get another 181 pages read, so some reading got done.

When considering pages read, Sunday was the most successful reading day for me, I got a total of 349 pages read- which doesn’t seem a lot when I say it like that but compared to my daily pages over the last few months this is a really good reading day for me. So firstly, I finished the last 136 pages of ‘The Gender Game’ which was a mediocre to disappointing end. So after that I did some tidying then picked up ‘First Year’ by Rachel Carter, the first book in the ‘Black Mage Series’. Although I had aimed to finish ‘First Year’ on Sunday, I found myself reading slower on the evening and only got to page 213 out of the 310.

Total Pages: 1527                     Total books started: 4                    Total books finished: 3

Week 2 plans

At the moment I do not have much planned for the next week, I have one arrangement on Thursday and the possibility of another arrangement throughout the week; however I do plan on spending majority of the week sat by my window drinking coffee and devouring the rest of my TBR. On Friday Tome Topple starts, but I will talk about that a little bit more in a minute.

My first plan is to finish ‘First Year’ today, preferably rather quickly as I have less that 100 pages left to read. I then plan on picking up ‘The High Lord’ by Trudi Canavan; the final instalment in ‘The Black Magician Trilogy’. As this is a longer read I suspect that it will take me a few days to read.

I am hoping to be able to pick up ‘The Midnight Star’ by Marie Lu before the start of the Tome Topple as it puts me in the correct place on my bookshelf to jump to the Tome Topple books that I have picked out. For the overlapping days, I plan on starting with ‘Wintersong’ by S. Jae-Jones as it is the first on the shelf followed by ‘The Oversight’ by Charlie Fletcher. As I don’t think I will get both of these read before the end of this read-a-thon I think I will end the plans for next week here.

How was your RYBSAT week one? Do you have an update or reviews for any of the books you have read this week? Let me know with a link in the comments! I am loving this read-a-thon and it is really helping me get back on top of my TBR challenge for the year.

Thanks for stopping by guys!

Helen x


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