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Review: The Copper Gauntlet

Hey guys,

So I have decided to begin the task of actually posting my reviews for the books I read in January 2017, although this wasn’t the first book I read in January, it was a memorable one for me.

the copper gauntlet.png

The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare is the second book in the Magisterium Series; which is extremely Harry Potter-esque. You have a golden trio, you have a school for magic, you have an evil wizard trying to take over the world.

I like this series, mainly because they are all really short reads, with the second only being just over 200 pages. However, this instalment seemed to take forever to get through. I cant really discuss plot without ruining the first book The Iron Trial; I found the start of this instalment slow but once you get passed the first 30/40 pages it starts to pick up and you can read it in one sitting.

Now, one thing I do love about this is that the main character has a disability; physically struggles with walking and strength based tasks. However, what I didn’t like; was that in the action scenes, he could still do everything he needed to. He could run just like the others, he could climb just like the others. That isn’t to say people with disabilities cant have adrenaline boosts and run through pain, etc. But it would have been more realistic and representative to have struggles, especially since it was such a huge part of the first book.


Now I don’t know how many books are going to be in this series, but they have already hinted at a continuation series; Collegium. This sounds awesome and I really hope that they can do this; well this is the genius collaboration between Holly Black and Cassandra Clare so I doubt publishers are going to say no.

Overall my rating for this was 4*, a solid one at that. I think it would have been 5 if the representation was done a bit better. I do have the third book; The Bronze Key, so I am hoping it picks up again.

Helen x


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