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#wordchallenge March!

Hey guys,

So, I have just posted about challenging myself to get through all of my ‘currently reading’ books by the end of March; while I came up with that I had a great urge to get some writing done (usually when I challenge myself to do one, I get the overwhelming urge to do the other!). I haven’t really been writing this year so far, other than the little snippet here and there; this is mostly due to work. However, with my reading challenge I was inspired to start a writing challenge for the month of March too.

And of course I wanted to open it to you, too!

So, my overall word count for the year is drastically low. I mean I doubt I have even broken the 1000 word mark for the year; and since one of my yearly goals is to get closer to publishing, I really need to get my sh*t together.

The challenge is simple:

Write 500 words every single day in March.

500 words. A third of the NaNoWriMo daily goal. But still a  nice number.

The aim of the challenge is to build a habit; a habit of writing every day. Even if it is only for half an hour after work. A couple of paragraphs towards a project means the project is a step closer to being done- right?

Now this will be really hard come the days I’m on a 15 hour shift and just want to sleep, but I swear; I need to complete this challenge. I will give myself (and you, if you take up this challenge) 5 days of rest, but the words I don’t write on these days have to be accounted for on the following days. But only on 5 days. Or I would be writing a few thousand words in one day and then nothing for a week, not really habit building is it?


Day 17: 500 words
Day 18: 0 words
Day 19: 750 words
Day 20: 750 words

So, overall I need to have written a minimum of 15,500 words by the end of March. Easily do-able. I hope.

Now, I would say that I am going to outline and write these purely towards a novel; but every time I do that recently I fail. Miserably. So instead, I have a novel that I would like to work on, but I also have some writing for on here that I would like to get done and edited.

I may not have been writing a lot over the last few months, but I have been collating inspiration and images that will help me reach that 500 daily word count. My main source of inspiration at the moment is on Pinterest, I haven’t set up specific boards for this challenge; but if that is something you would like let me know in the comments below.

Honestly, I need you guys to keep me in check. I will be doing updates every few days!

Good luck all!

Just to let you know, this post is exactly 500 words.

Helen x


2 thoughts on “#wordchallenge March!

    1. I would love for you to join in! I will be tracking my daily writing using my bullet journal to see when I write the most and what happens on days when I just cant write. Let me know if you decide to partake!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, it is much appreciated!


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