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I fell into the void…

Hi Guys,

So it’s been just over two months since my last post went up; two whole stinking months. Okay, well they weren’t exactly stinking, I have been busy. If you have been here before, thank you for returning; you will know that I recently started a new career and well, it ate my life.

Last time I checked in, I had almost completed the training to become a prison officer; well, happily I passed (almost) top of my class and have started working in the actual prison. I. AM. LOVING. IT.

I have so many stories about what has happened over the last two months, however I do plan on using some of these tales in my future writing which is why I am keeping a note-pad full of tales.

So, on to what you really want to know… the books!

At the end of last year I struggled with reading; I am not going to lie. I was getting used to my work schedule and when I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. However, since January I have been on a reading high. I am still not reaching the numbers of books a month I was before I started work; but honestly, I am working 40+ hours a week so getting 15-20 books a month is unrealistic.

I have added ‘Read in 2017’ page at the top there, here I will (eventually) be linking these to reviews; similar to last years review pages!

In January, I read 8 books; some really great books! With five of these being 4* reads, and the rest being 3*; I’ll be posting my reviews for these over the next few weeks. I have so far read 3 books in February, I have also DNF’d one book- but more of this at the end of February.

I do plan on staying, honestly I do. I have some time off this month; I need to update so many parts of this blog and keep you updated of the books I am writing, reading and buying. I have started my writing again but I am tackling this a bit different this time (more on this on another post).

How have you all been, again; I am sorry for disappearing like that. I do plan on doing my 30 day blogging challenge some point this year.

Helen x

P.S Drop me a comment below, how many books did you read in January?




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