31 day blogging challenge!

Hey guys,

So throughout December I plan on attempting a daily blogging challenge, each day has been given a challenge (I am not going to be posting a Christmas related post for this challenge, mainly because I understand that there readers from across the world that come here and I wanted to remain unreligious/ unfestive, however a separate mini post will be up wishing everyone a Merry Christmas). As there are 31 days in December, I have 31 smaller posts that will be going up.

Now, these challenges were not created by myself, I gathered them from a variety of blog challenge inspirational posts from all over the web. I will post a list of the daily challenges below so if you want to be part of this, just link your blog in the comments (or a link to your post each day) so I can check it out!

  1. December TBR
  2. Favourite romance in novels
  3. Favourite book squad
  4. Books and Sports
  5. Favourite minimal covers
  6. Favourite book friendships
  7. Books that made me goofy smile
  8. My all time favourite books
  9. Favourite easy read books
  10. Favourite political books
  11. Favourite book siblings
  12. My book stack (what’s on my bedstand!)
  13. Books linked to my unique facts (pick three facts about you, find a book associated with each of them)
  14. Favourite author collaboration
  15. Favourite peach coloured books
  16. Favourite places to read
  17. Why buy used books
  18. Poetry in books
  19. Books that made me laugh
  20. Favourite red and green books
  21. Books and music
  22. Books about innocence
  23. Favourite female characters
  24. Under-hyped books
  25. Current reads!
  26. Books that make you feel good
  27. Books and stationary
  28. Favourite snow (books with white/ sparkling covers/ books set in winter) books
  29. My impulsive buys
  30. Recent haul
  31. Wrap-up

I know that there are several vague ones in the list, however this list is open for interpretation!

I hope you don’t  being around a little more that usual!

Helen x


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